A book is now out

One of the recent things I’ve done is that I’ve released a new book called Shannon’s Evolution and it features one of Avlons Generals.

Shannon in question is such a man, well more of a teenager than some of you might think. His fate is the same as Harry Potter’s but is despite the point, he’s a different character, it’s what I call the darker version of Harry Potter.

Here let me explain, instead of embracing his destiny Shannon wants nothing  of it. He’s been told about his future that he would destroy Avlon. He doesn’t believe nor care enough listen what people think of him. Anyway I’m excited about it and I hope all of you will read it.

It comes in two formats one is an e-book and the other a soft back.





For quite some time I have been quite busy with other projects, I finished up writing a small screen play ‘One of 7 Sins’ and got attached to a play called ‘Grandpas Garage’.

Currently I pitched a new concept of a TV series to a friend of mine and he was so impressed with it he had  set up a meeting with some very important people, which I will be attending next week.

Sorry that’s about all I can say.

Books, Books and more Books

I have been going over two new fantasy books that will finish off the War of Twilight cycle and it will be open ended for them since it branches off into a trilogy. But that’s not the good news, for some time I’ve been going over a new concept for a fantasy world and I’m putting it together slowly.

It’s a different type of fantasy world where humans are off springs of Elves, so it’s based far into the past. This time around there are going be fillers, a lot more show than telling, but it will be equal with it so it won’t bog down the story.

Besides this I have some up coming cameraman jobs that I’ll be working on. All of them are plays, speaking of plays I might be working on one though not as an actor.

A few New Things

First and fore most I’m glad to say that two new books have been picked up by create space. One is entitled Dark Alliance: Hell Dragon and the other is another fantasy world which is entitled The Tyranny of Talin which is book one of a trilogy.

In other news I have done a voice over for a bank commercial and I’m now working on a TV film. Besides that I’m developing a short film which I was thinking of trying my hand at directing, since it is short it may not be too much to handle after all.

At least for one thing I’m keeping busy.

Dark Alliance is a collection of short horror stories and I hope all of you will enjoy both books since they are out on the market. As of being in stores that will take some time.

Some News to Tell

In the matter of 6 weeks I’ll be releasing two very new books out onto the world.

One is called Dark Alliance which is a few short horror  stories that are tired together by the name characters.

Tyranny of Talin will be coming out as well, it’s based in another fantasy realm but this time I’m staying away from prophesies. It can be a bit much once every author on the planet runs it dry.

Each and every character is used well and it’s been wiped clean of every mistake. Well I hope, even someone like me can miss something.

Basically it’s two out of three so this time, I’ve made sure both of these are through every retail outlet. I’m not taking my first two books  The Madness of Avlon Klynn or For It’s A Hard Line away from Eloquent Books until I can prove otherwise.

Any future books in that fantasy world will be through creatspace for now on. At least it’s a new beginning.

Projects On Projects

This year I will be releasing three books, since I didn’t last year due to some issues. I’ve taken the liberty of going through another self publishing service and I will be having two books being published through them.

First and fore most the first one is a fantasy setting, just a little like The Madness of Avlon Klynn. Instead of establishing a well known enemy, it’s centered on the up rising of a terrible Tyrant which is called Talin.

The first book in a trilogy ‘The Tyranny of Talin’ has two themes to run by. One a conspiracy and the other a wild adventure which is set  on four would be travelers.

There are surprises and quite a few twists to boot.

The second book is a collection of horror story’s, some of you will note that the first story is Hell Dragon but it’s improved. There’s more details and the characters are a lot more believable.

I’ve taken heart in my newer books and I hope all of you will like them better. I’ll be reviewing them, before I say yes to launch them onto the world. It’s just a few cautionary steps.

Until then enjoy.

Combining Four Parts

Okay, hears the thing. I was going over all my books, future ones and past ones. Even the first book in the series.

I got a review and I thought about what they had to say. As I poured over my manuscripts, I discovered that the four acts could have been easily been one book. A mere 7 to 8 hundred pages in length.

Now instead of four separate books I’m combining all of them into one giant book.

For those that have read book one, there is For It’s A Hard Line. It’s still the same story but I’m adding in a lot more detail and making the characters believable.

Many years ago I got over excited and wrote a fifth outing, which was suppose to be book three but things didn’t pan out the way I wanted.  I was planning a trilogy with that as well but it was also too short.  So I’m combining those three as well, I’ve got scenes that are based further into the story so I’m not really done with that.

A side with all of this I haven’t heard anything about my new book so I can’t keep you all up to date on that.

Works and Decision’s

I still haven’t been told of when my book will be released but I’m crossing my fingers. At the moment I’ve been writing two books, not at the same time.

One is an another Shannon Lee Adventure but it’s not a prequel, it’s a continuation. It takes place after the War of  Twilight Cycle, it has been finished for some time until I got to read it. I found I left out a huge gap of the story of which I’m working on.

The other book is part three of the cycle at the moment I’m calling it Project X, sorry can’t release the title.

The other day I was thinking about my books and how I should handle the future with them. After working with Eloquent Books for so long,  they’ll be handling the prequel but that’s about it.

I’ve decided to go to another publisher to finish off the The War of Twilight Cycle.

It’s a decision I had to make and it pains me to leave them for now until I have more than enough money to continue with them or I might not.

Horror Book

In other news I’ve teamed up with another writer to make a book. It’s more than just me and him, it’ll be with different authors which will be under one setting. It’s a horror story that has been sitting on my desk top for some time, it’s been edited to death. At this moment I’m excited about it.


Death takes it’s Toll

I’m no stranger to death since I’ve seen it more than once. It lingers on the mind and stays there for the rest of your life, the tick is living with it.

Well that’s what I’ve become. You see Death has many faces, either its cancer or anything else. I was first affected  along time ago when my old man died from brain cancer.

Now that’s a long and terrifying story but it does end there. In the last year my family have been put through a lot. You see I’ve also lost two grandma’s, my mom’s mom died a couple of years ago.

Last year it was my dad’s man and this year it was a friend of the family and another family member.

Yesterday we went to the church for out of respect and I thought it was just going to be just that. It turned into three places, a graveyard and one of the Head Tim Horton’s personal.

Through this, it helps a lot to my writing so I can adapt the characters to certain death situations. They have to be affected in their own way to deal with it and it shows that they must care for that person, if they know them or not.

All in all, I’ve seen what death can do.