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Combining Four Parts

Okay, hears the thing. I was going over all my books, future ones and past ones. Even the first book in the series.

I got a review and I thought about what they had to say. As I poured over my manuscripts, I discovered that the four acts could have been easily been one book. A mere 7 to 8 hundred pages in length.

Now instead of four separate books I’m combining all of them into one giant book.

For those that have read book one, there is For It’s A Hard Line. It’s still the same story but I’m adding in a lot more detail and making the characters believable.

Many years ago I got over excited and wrote a fifth outing, which was suppose to be book three but things didn’t pan out the way I wanted.  I was planning a trilogy with that as well but it was also too short.  So I’m combining those three as well, I’ve got scenes that are based further into the story so I’m not really done with that.

A side with all of this I haven’t heard anything about my new book so I can’t keep you all up to date on that.


Works and Decision’s

I still haven’t been told of when my book will be released but I’m crossing my fingers. At the moment I’ve been writing two books, not at the same time.

One is an another Shannon Lee Adventure but it’s not a prequel, it’s a continuation. It takes place after the War of  Twilight Cycle, it has been finished for some time until I got to read it. I found I left out a huge gap of the story of which I’m working on.

The other book is part three of the cycle at the moment I’m calling it Project X, sorry can’t release the title.

The other day I was thinking about my books and how I should handle the future with them. After working with Eloquent Books for so long,  they’ll be handling the prequel but that’s about it.

I’ve decided to go to another publisher to finish off the The War of Twilight Cycle.

It’s a decision I had to make and it pains me to leave them for now until I have more than enough money to continue with them or I might not.

Horror Book

In other news I’ve teamed up with another writer to make a book. It’s more than just me and him, it’ll be with different authors which will be under one setting. It’s a horror story that has been sitting on my desk top for some time, it’s been edited to death. At this moment I’m excited about it.


Death takes it’s Toll

I’m no stranger to death since I’ve seen it more than once. It lingers on the mind and stays there for the rest of your life, the tick is living with it.

Well that’s what I’ve become. You see Death has many faces, either its cancer or anything else. I was first affected  along time ago when my old man died from brain cancer.

Now that’s a long and terrifying story but it does end there. In the last year my family have been put through a lot. You see I’ve also lost two grandma’s, my mom’s mom died a couple of years ago.

Last year it was my dad’s man and this year it was a friend of the family and another family member.

Yesterday we went to the church for out of respect and I thought it was just going to be just that. It turned into three places, a graveyard and one of the Head Tim Horton’s personal.

Through this, it helps a lot to my writing so I can adapt the characters to certain death situations. They have to be affected in their own way to deal with it and it shows that they must care for that person, if they know them or not.

All in all, I’ve seen what death can do.


The World of Salvation

The standards of books in this series is nothing new to the world at large since it has been conceived before.

The country of Twilight is a typical fantasy world but the only difference is that its based far into the future.

I treat each character as if they were as human as I am, making them have a voice. They bleed as I do, they yell when they are either angry or just want attention.

Darren Lightheart is basically one of those people and more, sorry no spoilers here….And there is Randle Arcan Lee. Actually all the characters have something that most people have, something that they hate about themselves. Either they are fat or too tall, to the color of their eyes or what not.

What I’m trying to say is they are all different, its their goal to stop Avlon and his forces.

It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as your against that same person.

Though Avlon isn’t a dummy at all, he’s just as flawed as every one else.

A Funny thing

The other day I was contacted by a respected director since he want’s me for a certain project. He hasn’t given me the details quite yet but I’ll be meeting with this person next week.

Though that’s not the end, I have been approached by two more directors which will remain nameless for more jobs in my future. These jobs are only for being a camera man and nothing else.

I wish I could tell you something else but at the present that’s the extent of my news.

Good Day

A Writer’s Intention

A few weeks ago I was in a few commercial’s of which I enjoyed… but don’t worry I intend to finish off the War of Twilight cycle.

Once I’m finished with it I have been thinking of expanded into other aspects of the field. It’s more on the line of screenplays, so I’m not giving it all up.

Sure I’ve done filming for two plays, being an extra and what not, but I’m developing my first book into a script. You might find it foolish since it didn’t take off as I had hoped but as I’m writing it I’ve noticed a few things that I have missed so I’ll be going back to the first book.

Okay I have stated that I’m fixing the first book, what I didn’t expect was some of the missing words when the characters speak. So once I get some more money behind me, I’ll be paying my editor to help out.

Self Publishing may not be the best thing on the planet, but it helps as well.

A few days ago I had a panic attack, thinking of what I’ve done.

I’ll explain: When I first started to get auditions I was a bit too smug, thinking I was the best thing since slice breed. I went to the first one and several auditions later, I discovered why I wasn’t getting anything.

It was the lack of education and having a big ego. Before all of this I was in a feature film ‘Abandoned House’ in 2007 and did a ten minute video called ‘Welke’ in January of 2008.

Now I’ve changed my tune, I’ve taken Improvisation and intend to move on. Being in the Entertainment Industry can change a person unless you stay true to your self.

I’m open and honest and ready to do almost anything to get work. That’s all I care about and getting my name out there, until next time.

Good bye