A Writer’s Intention

A few weeks ago I was in a few commercial’s of which I enjoyed… but don’t worry I intend to finish off the War of Twilight cycle.

Once I’m finished with it I have been thinking of expanded into other aspects of the field. It’s more on the line of screenplays, so I’m not giving it all up.

Sure I’ve done filming for two plays, being an extra and what not, but I’m developing my first book into a script. You might find it foolish since it didn’t take off as I had hoped but as I’m writing it I’ve noticed a few things that I have missed so I’ll be going back to the first book.

Okay I have stated that I’m fixing the first book, what I didn’t expect was some of the missing words when the characters speak. So once I get some more money behind me, I’ll be paying my editor to help out.

Self Publishing may not be the best thing on the planet, but it helps as well.

A few days ago I had a panic attack, thinking of what I’ve done.

I’ll explain: When I first started to get auditions I was a bit too smug, thinking I was the best thing since slice breed. I went to the first one and several auditions later, I discovered why I wasn’t getting anything.

It was the lack of education and having a big ego. Before all of this I was in a feature film ‘Abandoned House’ in 2007 and did a ten minute video called ‘Welke’ in January of 2008.

Now I’ve changed my tune, I’ve taken Improvisation and intend to move on. Being in the Entertainment Industry can change a person unless you stay true to your self.

I’m open and honest and ready to do almost anything to get work. That’s all I care about and getting my name out there, until next time.

Good bye


About todd89

As a fantasy author and extra Richard has authored two books and has worked within the Entertainment Industry.

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