The World of Salvation

The standards of books in this series is nothing new to the world at large since it has been conceived before.

The country of Twilight is a typical fantasy world but the only difference is that its based far into the future.

I treat each character as if they were as human as I am, making them have a voice. They bleed as I do, they yell when they are either angry or just want attention.

Darren Lightheart is basically one of those people and more, sorry no spoilers here….And there is Randle Arcan Lee. Actually all the characters have something that most people have, something that they hate about themselves. Either they are fat or too tall, to the color of their eyes or what not.

What I’m trying to say is they are all different, its their goal to stop Avlon and his forces.

It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as your against that same person.

Though Avlon isn’t a dummy at all, he’s just as flawed as every one else.


About todd89

As a fantasy author and extra Richard has authored two books and has worked within the Entertainment Industry.

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