Death takes it’s Toll

I’m no stranger to death since I’ve seen it more than once. It lingers on the mind and stays there for the rest of your life, the tick is living with it.

Well that’s what I’ve become. You see Death has many faces, either its cancer or anything else. I was first affected  along time ago when my old man died from brain cancer.

Now that’s a long and terrifying story but it does end there. In the last year my family have been put through a lot. You see I’ve also lost two grandma’s, my mom’s mom died a couple of years ago.

Last year it was my dad’s man and this year it was a friend of the family and another family member.

Yesterday we went to the church for out of respect and I thought it was just going to be just that. It turned into three places, a graveyard and one of the Head Tim Horton’s personal.

Through this, it helps a lot to my writing so I can adapt the characters to certain death situations. They have to be affected in their own way to deal with it and it shows that they must care for that person, if they know them or not.

All in all, I’ve seen what death can do.



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As a fantasy author and extra Richard has authored two books and has worked within the Entertainment Industry.

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