Works and Decision’s

I still haven’t been told of when my book will be released but I’m crossing my fingers. At the moment I’ve been writing two books, not at the same time.

One is an another Shannon Lee Adventure but it’s not a prequel, it’s a continuation. It takes place after the War of  Twilight Cycle, it has been finished for some time until I got to read it. I found I left out a huge gap of the story of which I’m working on.

The other book is part three of the cycle at the moment I’m calling it Project X, sorry can’t release the title.

The other day I was thinking about my books and how I should handle the future with them. After working with Eloquent Books for so long,  they’ll be handling the prequel but that’s about it.

I’ve decided to go to another publisher to finish off the The War of Twilight Cycle.

It’s a decision I had to make and it pains me to leave them for now until I have more than enough money to continue with them or I might not.

Horror Book

In other news I’ve teamed up with another writer to make a book. It’s more than just me and him, it’ll be with different authors which will be under one setting. It’s a horror story that has been sitting on my desk top for some time, it’s been edited to death. At this moment I’m excited about it.



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As a fantasy author and extra Richard has authored two books and has worked within the Entertainment Industry.

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