Combining Four Parts

Okay, hears the thing. I was going over all my books, future ones and past ones. Even the first book in the series.

I got a review and I thought about what they had to say. As I poured over my manuscripts, I discovered that the four acts could have been easily been one book. A mere 7 to 8 hundred pages in length.

Now instead of four separate books I’m combining all of them into one giant book.

For those that have read book one, there is For It’s A Hard Line. It’s still the same story but I’m adding in a lot more detail and making the characters believable.

Many years ago I got over excited and wrote a fifth outing, which was suppose to be book three but things didn’t pan out the way I wanted.  I was planning a trilogy with that as well but it was also too short.  So I’m combining those three as well, I’ve got scenes that are based further into the story so I’m not really done with that.

A side with all of this I haven’t heard anything about my new book so I can’t keep you all up to date on that.


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As a fantasy author and extra Richard has authored two books and has worked within the Entertainment Industry.

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